Internet Marketing

Miami Web Lab will help craft your offer, find your ideal target audience, and deliver paid advertisement to your customers.

Why Do Most Paid Advertising Campaigns Fail?


There are a number of factors to get right with a paid advertising campaign that we will work with you on, in addition to setting up and monitoring your paid advertising campaigns. Here are the top three


Not spending enough for research
Not having an ideal target audience
Not crafting a compelling offer
Not investing in organic content
Insufficient budgets

Most agencies will just take your money and not worry if you succeed or not



You have to have a mindset that is ready for change, Miami Web Lab only works with companies that are ready to win

Avatar Creation

We spend time to make sure we have the right target audience and demographics

Offer Creation

A Compelling offer is vital - we will sit with you and help create a winning offer for your ads.

Campaign Monitoring

We closely monitor the progress of your campaign to make sure you get the most out of it

We Only With With Select Companies

We only work with companies that are serious about their growth, and are actually ready for paid advertising. Please make sure you have been in business for minimumum of 2 years, and have a minimum of $2,000 monthly budget

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