Internet marketing is the use of many strategies and tools to promote a company, product or service through the internet...

Internet marketing is complex. It’s not simply creating a Facebook page or a simple website on Wix or Godaddy and waiting for traffic to poar in. The search engine’s are getting smarter and are pushing more toward quality than quantity.

You have to use strategies and tools to promote your company, product or service through the Internet as well as social media platforms. You can also pay for advertising with Google or Facebook, which will put you above all search results.

Traditional Marketing has been around for years, but in the age of the Internet, Social Media and Digital Advertising in 2020+ it is becoming more complex to reach an audience than marketing online years ago for many reasons. 

Google processes about 3 billion search queries per day – do the math….


What’s best  for my business?


There are many internet marketing strategies and they are used differently or in combination based on the kind of business you have.

For example If you are selling a hot new trending product, Facebook advertising might be a good way to go, as well as Google Shopping ads.
Or a dental or health practitioner can benefit from paid targeted local advertising through Facebook or Google Search ads.


Organic Ranking with SEO


The PROS and CONS of Search Engine Optimization

Pros: Eventually your website will start to rank high on Google search results for widely used search phrases. This will result in free organic traffic of very valuable and pricey keywords for the duration of your rank on that search phrase. In summary, the costs can be much less than paid advertising over time.

Cons: SEO is a slower process, and takes a while to see results. but the results are worth it. Aside from having a quality website on your hands and building up backlinks to help with rankings, SEO also consists of getting inbound links. Once you start ranking high for popular search phrases, traffic becomes organic as long as you don't get outranked by others who rank higher than you do for that particular keyword phrase or topic area. Your website will also require ongoing SEO and reporting to stay on top of the competition and understand exactly what to do next.

The two most popular search engines in the world, Google and Bing, both have different algorithms that determine what shows up on their search result pages for widely used search phrases. 

The higher your ranking on Google for a search phrase, the more traffic to your website that can be converted into a lead or sale. Simple as that.

So that means if there are 1,000 people searching for information about a product or service on Google search, then it’s safe to say that the higher ranked you get will capture even more of this audience and increase opportunities for getting more sales online.

To ensure your website has a higher chance of ranking highly for keywords that are relevant to it so as more people find it with those terms when they search online (and increase traffic), you need SEO strategy considerations starting from a good quality website, quality information and a strategic plan for content development and outreach.

It starts with a good quality website

Some basic qualifications for a quality website are:

  1. Your website loads fast
  2. Your website has proper Cookie/Privacy Policy
  3. Your website has an SSL certificate (https)
  4. Eligible, clean, mobile friendly and responsive design
  5. At minimum a home page, about and contact page.


Some things NOT  to do:

  1. Overload your website with ads.
  2. Overload your website with repetitive keywords and content
  3. Stuff your wordpress account with 1000 plugins.
  4. Use wordpress at all if you can avoid it (yes, I said it)
  5. Try and do everything yourself


It doesn’t really stop there! Once your website is done and/or updated, to start receiving traffic is another complex ball game.

SEO has become increasingly challenging to compete in. It's not enough just to have a good website need the entire Internet working for you! Websites are now expected to be mobile-friendly, responsive, and include basic functionality like links that work properly.

It’s best to get someone reliable to handle your SEO if you are considering it valuable for your business.

Local SEO is a method of SEO that focuses on regional targeting.

Ranking on Google Maps can also considered a method of SEO



How much will SEO cost me or my business?


Considering there are so many moving parts to a successful SEO campaign, SEO pricing can get expensive, but it’s also possible to get ripped off very easily.


SEO pricing can range anywhere from $250 – $20,000/month


Depending on how competitive the keywords you want to go for, and what speed you're looking for your website to rank are factors in pricing as well. The faster you go, the more strategic and expensive it gets, but there can be some pretty successful long-term SEO campaigns going anywhere from $250-$500 per month.

We use a variety of strategies and tools to create the content and webpages needed that allows us to provide you a really good cost on SEO services. 

But Google doesn’t rank you overnight. Businesses can take advantage of our extensive knowledge and cost efficiency in SEO planning and implementation to increase their website traffic quicker than anyone else out there.



Paid Advertising with Google, YouTube  and Facebook


Paid advertising is often an integral part of a successful internet marketing campaign. Marketers pay platforms like Google, Facebook, Youtube (and many more) for ad space in exchange for more traffic on common search phrases, interests, or based on location.


Paid advertising with Google can bring your website or product more visitors, and you pay each time someone clicks your ad for a given search phrase. 

Facebook Ads are another great way to get in front of your audience. You can create ads that increase your traffic by appearing in your target market’s wall and they can easily engage with you. You pay each time someone engages with your ad content.

Advertising on YouTube is killing it. Millions of people are on youtube watching videos, and you can pay to have youtube producers show your ads on their videos, which in turn can also monetize their channels. 


My personal opinion: Paid advertising is more exciting

But paid advertising is more than excitement. It can be profitable. Very profitable. It can be measured and increase the revenue in your business by reaching mass audiences and ultimately converting more traffic that can lead to more sales of your products and/or services.


Here is an example of Google Ads


What Do I Need for Paid Advertising?


A successful paid advertising campaign requires an advertising budget, a good clear offer, targeted audience, extensive research, and a quality landing page to capture leads from your traffic, or an e-commerce platform hosting your products website.

When an ad is shown, there is usually a landing page or a “Call to action” message with a compelling offer telling the user to engage by clicking to learn more, which typically goes to a landing page that is a very specific to the goal of the traffic. They are great for capturing a prospects information or taking a user through a checkout process. 

A landing page is not the same as a website. It is a specific page that users will land on - It is the first page they will see after clicking on your ad. 

They are usually simple, with a form to capture the users input, or redirect a user to another page (contact page, checkout page) 

Your landing page needs to be conversion optimized. This means that the landing page has to have the right flow, say the right offer message to the right people


Embrace the Sales Funnels!


A sales funnel will be an advanced design of your overall user experience. It can increase your conversions by much more! 

A sales funnel is a series of landing pages in sequential steps that take your user through a journey from cold traffic to warm traffic. It guides them to optin to a form and/or checkout pages with upsell and downsell process which have been proven to increase revenue.

Sales funnels also have  advanced automation and functionality that can engage with your users, re-market, follow up, perform tasks when users take certain actions of your funnel process.


How much does Paid Advertising cost?


Paid advertising is also known as "Pay Per Click" services. If you're paying for a service, it's only fair that you know who or what the money goes to! A good advertising agency (like us) should help guide your campaign and provide key data so you can better understand your ROI (return on investment). 


Paid Advertising Pricing Explained

You will usually pay a higher setup cost, pay a minimum or percentage of your ad budget to the agency, and your ad budget to Google/Facebook/Youtube...etc

Ad agencies charge a percentage of your ad budget. 

Ad agencies also charge a one time setup fee up front ranging from $1,500 - $3,000.

We are not most agencies. However, we charge an upfront one time setup fee of only $1,259 which will get your account manager assigned, and your campaign will be initially created, configured, keyword and competition research, and get your landing pages and/or sales funnel created.

We charge a minimum of $250/mo when managing a monthly ad budget of up to $1,700/mo. This will include landing page split testing, reporting and analysis and recurring optimization to decrease costs and beat the competition online on an ongoing monthly basis. 


Once your ad budget exceeds $1,700 we simply charge 15% of the total monthly ad budget.


We are a web design and internet marketing agency. We build sites, track them, set up goals and compelling offers, increase traffic and utilize paid advertising platforms for businesses. Let us know if you have any questions or if you are interested in starting an internet marketing campaign.