What is Internet Marketing? Business Owners Guide

Internet marketing is using strategies and tools to promote and grow the presence of a company, product, or service through the use of: the internet, social media and software.

Before you run and create a facebook page, let me tell you that it’s not that simple to just do it yourself.

Traditional Marketing relates (and still works too) very closely to this, however, the reach that the internet has to people (and growing every year) is massive.

Google processes about 3 BILLION (with a ****** B) search queries per DAY – so talk about your busy strip.


What forms of Internet Marketing are there?

There are tons of methods and strategies to use for internet marketing purposes. Strategies and services can be utilized for different reasons. I’ll explain some of the main ones here:


Search Engine Optimization

One of the main methods of internet marketing is something called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To understand what the benefits of this are, you should have a basic understanding of the popular search engines out there, primarily Google and Bing.

When you search for something on Google, you will see a list of results linking to different websites. These websites are in a certain position for a given reason. Just like you would prefer a store visible to a main/busy street for passerby’s, or a busy shopping plaza for extra foot traffic, the higher up you are in the search engine results for given keywords, the more “traffic” you would get.

Obviously, as traffic comes in, then theres a job of nurturing that traffic. For example, if you had a storefront, you would put attractive lettering, things that STAND OUT to attract peoples eye, strike curiosity, etc.

Well, the same kind of work is done with this on your website, landing page, or social media page once you start receiving traffic. It’s called conversion optimization.

Conversions are goal completions, and you want them as a business owner. You should expect any agency you decide to work with to discuss, establish, and configure goals for your website traffic.

Search engine optimization is a combination of these kinds of efforts from creating a website, updating your website, setting goals, analyzing detailed reports, tracking goals, creating detailed strategic plans for content and distribution of content, and much more.


How much is SEO services?

Considering the many moving parts to a successful SEO campaign, this is why SEO pricing can be expensive. I want to talk a bit about the pricing for SEO and some controversy around it. SEO pricing can range anywhere from $250 – $20,000/month

Some sales pitch, right? Yeah, maybe it’s cause i’m not the greatest sales person, but SEO is actually really hard to sell because it is a long term growth and involves some risk. This is why it’s important for business owners to have a basic understanding of the things that are to be done. It’s about creativity. I’ve had many clients who know nothing about this actually offer and suggest some really good ideas, and this comes from understanding the basic picture and seeing how they are currently fitting in, and staying engaged in their business growth.

Google doesn’t rank you overnight. There are longer timelines and detailed planning which is what SEO agencies like us specialize in executing.

In all fairness, you will find other agencies  bidding very cheap pricing for SEO services, including this one, but you are actually taking a greater risk because the progress will actually be much slower which will give your competitors all the time in the world to out rank, be better than you and destroy you. We like to invest into helping business, get good reputation and build a great business relationship with others. The worse case scenario, cheap labor / service is … well, lower quality, and can increase risks for a google blacklist if it’s done the wrong way which pretty much mean: “start over, bitch.”

Aside from that, there can also be agencies that will refuse to lower their prices to you.

You should look for someone who is not trying to rush through things, or give you “tons of work” for extremely cheap, and go by an old playbook.
We don’t include everything in the batch with lower prices, which in turn can take much longer because we rather work slower with more quality, honesty, and thought and a maybe little fun here and there.

I would be weary of SEO services that are less than 500$ a month to be honest, and I might be off to be honest. If you are a small business and just starting out, it will make more sense to pay lower prices, and companies like us can help you with things like that, but we fully disclose the fact that your growth will be much slower, and might be more competitive but in some situations it’s better to have SOME GROWTH instead of NO GROWTH.

Additionally, a lot of companies will charge higher prices because there is a lot of overhead, and it takes a team with strategic planning and project management to combine all the efforts and work that is required for this.

Another huge factor is the type of business you’re in and the type of keywords and audience that you want to attract for your business.

The benefits of committing to this kind of organic growth is that once you are on the top ranks of Google, you will be getting traffic that is FREE. That’s right, the traffic that you get from Google is free! Technically it wasn’t free cause you had to pay for the services, but in the longer term you will have valuable traffic coming in because you are going to be absorbing traffic that people are paying BIG BUCKS for on paid ads to be on the top, so off the bat your overhead for marketing and acquiring new customers (if you can sell) can eventually decrease.

SEO is very repetitive. It’s about putting content, analyzing data, repeating. Most agencies will recommend staying with them at a minimum of 3 – 6 months to make some decent damage. The problem is when some folks discontinue the services after a while, which gives other websites and competitors an advantage to start to market hard.

We are not sales people. We bring the traffic, and optimize based on user behavior and place information and graphics that will most likely make a user make a purchase, request a phone call, or become a hot lead, the rest is up to you and your team.


Paid Advertising / “Running Ads”

Up next in the world of internet marketing.


How many times have you watched Youtube, and seen the same annoying ads over and over and over again? Video ads, just as well as text ads on Google Search results are a form of paid advertising.

In some ways, similar to the purpose of SEO, the purpose of paid advertising is to gain traffic and monetize, but there are differences with the process of work, what to look out for, and costs.

Paid advertising is fast paced. I’m not going to bore you with the details of paid advertising and how to do it because this is not a technical explanation post, but as a business owner you should know a few things you should know before working with an agency for this.

The concept is simple, you pay for ad space on google for keywords, and start receiving traffic within a very short period of time (sometimes within a couple of hours after initial setup and configuration of your account)

Here is an example

what is ppc marketing

Let’s say you want to advertise a product or service, or rentals  (as shown above).

Part of the agencies service that is offered to you should cover keyword research. Based off the keyword research that is done, the amount of users that search that keyword monthly, and the cost for each click is gathered along with other data to help make decisions.

An ad is created and placed on Google using Google Ads (formerly Adwords)  for those keywords and a cost per click budget is set on keywords.

When someone clicks your ad, you will be charged a “cost per click – aka CPC” price. You get charged per click, yes. There are some exceptional campaign types, but to avoid boring you, in a nutshell there is some sort of “cost” per “action” whether its clicks, impressions/views.

There’s a few types of conversions, a user can click an ad and directly call your business, or visit a website or landing page if they are on desktop (mobile at times too)

Landing pages are somewhat considered to be sales pages. Here, you need to have a team that is experienced in creating pages that can get to the point, look decent, and capture information from people, or place checkout buttons on here to sell your product.

Funnels help a lot with this because they help define the flow of an ideal conversion in a more visual descriptive manner. Sometimes agencies will include this in their monthly pricing, or some agencies will offer lower prices to manage the service monthly and charge extra on any new websites or optimization. You should be aware of this and ask for it if it’s not provided to you so both sides can understand goals.


How much does Paid Advertising cost?

Paid advertising is also known as “Pay Per Click” services. But wait, what’s with all this paying shit? Its pay per click, pay the agency, who the fuck am I paying?

No worries, the agency should help with this for you. There is a monthly budget that you will agree to put in for your adswords. Most of this cost is paid to Google, not agencies.

Say you want to commit $1000/month budget for your adwords campaign. Majority of the time, agencies will charge you a percentage on that, or give you a fixed amount based off your plans and goals, or if you have custom needs.

It can range anywhere from 8 – 12 or even 15% of the monthly “budget” that you put in. Also, the higher or lower you go, the charge rate can increase or decrease. With us, we like to slightly decrease the rates as the budget spend goes up and vice versa.


Social Media / Paid Advertising

Yes. The answer is yes. We always get the question “should we use social media?”

Yes you should, cause its free. Yes, you will need someone to manage it, but you can do it yourself or hire some help.
Facebook lets you create and set up pages that can give your business a more personal / authentic feel, show pictures and share information to others on your page. But, unfortunately, it’s not easy using the free route, because the challenge comes with getting followers to start having any kind of engagement. You can build that up naturally and organically, but it can take a while. There are some tips and tricks, sure, or you might have 5000 friends following you, but you want followers who are legitimately interested in your products or services.

However, There are paid advertising methods within the social media platforms out there like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

For example, with Facebook, we can set up ad campaigns, where we have ability to select targeted audiences by interests / demographics and other criteria, and promote ads that appear on their Facebook feed to that audience.

As more people jump on social media, it’s obviously a great avenue for marketing and acquiring potential visitors to your site or calling your business.

Paid advertising has been growing in the past years, and they are providing much better tools for this.

Unfortunately, there are some businesses that might not really benefit off social media. For example, if you are selling coffins, good luck finding a huge fan base that want to see pictures of all your coffins, and engage, and stay up to date with the latest coffin news…So think about that before considering requesting social media management services from a company. Many will force you into it to upsell to you.



There are other strategies that can be used for internet marketing purposes, remember, it’s about creativity and any thoughts or ideas are always welcomed.

In a nutshell, you can use organic longer term growth to get top placement in Google rankings where hundreds and thousands of people are searching for products or services that you sell.

You can also visit the pay per click / Adwords route, where you pay for advertising space. This is charged based off a percentage of the monthly budget you put toward your paid campaigns.

We are a web design and internet marketing agency. We build sites, track them, set up goals, increase traffic and utilize paid advertising platforms for businesses.  Let us know if you have any questions or if you are interested in starting an internet marketing campaign.


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